A true type font by P.D. Magnus

Gomo is a font based on the title of Gomo*Fasta, a strategy game which I
designed. The game is a variant of Go Moku, so the font is intended to
have an oriental feel. I designed the logo in Freehand and adapted the
TrueType font using PfaEdit. There are alpha caps plus numerals and a
few random punctuation marks.

Gomo*Fasta is available a

This font is copyright 2002 by P.D. Magnus. 'Gomo*Fasta', 'Gomo', 'Font
Monkey', 'Magnus Ludus', and 'fecundity.com' are trademarks of P.D.


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If you do use them for something, though, I would love to here about it.
I would appreciate a sample of the thing for which you used the font, a
photo of it, or even just an e-mail telling me about it.

You can contact me via the website or by e-mail at pmagnusfecundity.com

You are also encouraged to acknowledge fontmonkey or link to me, although
neither is strictly speaking required.

The font files may be freely distributed provided this license,
attribution to me, and the fontmonkey URL are included.


1iv2006 changed license
30iii2002 original release