A true type font family
by P.D. Magnus

The basic font has caps, full-keyboard, euro symbol, &c.
The bold styles have alphanumeric with only some of the
The small caps font has a complete repertoire of accents,
umlauts, &c.
The untercase font has upper and lowercase and full
international whatnots. The italics for the untercase font
have silly handdrawn serifs that are the kind of thing I
tend to do when lettering mild emphasis.

I crafted this font for use in drawing Ninja Verses cartoons.
Like old school comic book lettering, the basic font is caps
only, with a few characters slightly streamlined in the lower
The fonts might be good for any sort of comic work. For me,
they have the advantages of belonging to me and looking like my
actual hand-writing.
For you, they have the advantage of being
the font you just downloaded. Ha!

The fonts are copyright 2005-13 by P.D. Magnus.


Fontmonkey fonts are free for for all use, commercial or
To be clear: They do not cost anything.

If you do use them for something, though, I would love to here
about it. I would appreciate a sample of the thing for which
you used the font, a photo of it, or even just an e-mail telling
me about it.

You can contact me via the website or by e-mail at

You are also encouraged to acknowledge fontmonkey or link to me,
although neither is strictly speaking required.

The font files may be freely distributed provided this license,
attribution to me, and the fontmonkey URL are included.

2may2013 added untercase italics
3mar2007 added untercase font
5jul2006 added small caps and electric demi-bold fonts
1apr2006 changed license
22jun2005 changed spacing on some glyphs, removed slash from zero
25jan2005 first release