A true type font by P.D. Magnus

I wanted the sort of font that Hobbits might use to label jars of jam.
I sat down one night and in the course of an hour scribbled out all the
glyphs for Spellstone-- this friendly, comforting, full-keyboard font.
This font is copyright 2004-8 by P.D. Magnus. 'Font Monkey' and
'fecundity.com' are trademarks of P.D. Magnus.


Fontmonkey fonts are free for for all use, commercial or non-commercial.
To be clear: They do not cost anything.

If you do use them for something, though, I would love to here about it.
I would appreciate a sample of the thing for which you used the font, a
photo of it, or even just an e-mail telling me about it.

You can contact me via the website or by e-mail at pmagnusfecundity.com

You are also encouraged to acknowledge fontmonkey or link to me, although
neither is strictly speaking required.

The font files may be freely distributed provided this license,
attribution to me, and the fontmonkey URL are included.


7sep2008 v4 fixes punctuation !?:;
1apr2006 changed license
26feb2004 fixed another problem with the quotation marks
14feb2004 fixed a small problem with the quotation marks
8feb2004 first release