NOTICE: This is a FREE but abbreviated version of the complete font. It
contains only the upper and lower-case characters, limited punctuation,
and is for evaluation purposes.

The shareware version of this font will contain the full Windows® ANSI
character set, all 233 characters, unless otherwise specified. In addition,
all typeface fonts have been fully kerned when appropriate.

To register and receive the full version of this font via E-Mail, send a
$1.00 shareware fee (checks OK) to:

G. Bernor
9044 Bayou Drive
Tampa, FL 33635-5925

The included GIF file shows ten additional fonts in this font pack series.
To order the font pack and the full version of this font, send $5.00 plus
$2.50 for postage and handling. (3 1/2" HD diskette only)

Please be sure to specify the font name and your E-Mail address when