"ChunkyComix" font (Chuncsb_.ttf)
Windows truetype, capitals only.

Shareware: ten UK pounds, approx
$18 dollars. abrac@dabra.demon.co.uk


This shareware version has capitals
and a very limited set of punctuation
marks. An expanded character-set
version is e-mailed to those who
pay the shareware fee.

Created using Macromedia Fontographer
4.1 and Adobe Illustrator 7 and
Adobe Photoshop 5, on 14th August

Version 1.0 (beta)

A cross between "tarbrush" signage
lettering and classic 1950s USA
comicbook lettering.

This font is shareware. You are free to
use this font as you please for
non-commercial uses, but we strongly
encourage you to mail us some folding
money if possible. E-mail us and ask
for the postal address.

The shareware fee does not apply if you
are an ad agency or comicbook artist/
publisher, etc, and plan on making any
_profits_ using this font. If this is
the case, please e-mail us at
abrac@dabra.demon.co.uk and I'm sure
we can come to some equitable arrangment.

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