—You read me! I'm proud of you.—

Hi, I create fonts of friends' handwriting as a hobby, enjoy! If you downloaded this font pack from anywhere other than Dafont.com, please be aware that it may have been modified. The original can be found at


—usage guidelines—

1 If your use is personal or for a nonprofit, you can do anything with the font *except* sell it. I ask that you not upload it to any font aggregator sites like fonts101.com.

2 If your commercial use is just a poster for a small business, pictures on a personal blog with ads, etc. you're probably fine.

3 For small commercial operations, donate what you feel the font is worth to you. Basically, if you make money off of it, it would be nice if you would pass along some of the profit to me in the form of a donation.

4 For larger operations, or for clarifications, please contact me.

5 If I don't get back to you, assume your usage is fine.

6 I always ask that you let me know if you use or see my fonts used anywhere(regardless of donations)— I like seeing my fonts out in the wild!

7 You are allowed and *encouraged* to modify, expand, or adapt my fonts on the condition that you release them under the same free license, give an obvious link back to the original on dafont.com, and notify me.

8 This is not a contract or a legal document. Apply some common sense. Don't go looking for loopholes.

—other stuff—
I've included some other stuff in this font pack, such as the Fontforge .sfd source files used to create this font and the SVG source for the artwork.

The original SFDs have the strokes intact, the ones with the "joined" extension have all the overlaps removed, have kerning, hinting, etc, and some additional characters.