Freeware and Commercial Typeface Discoveries Galore!
(c)2001 by Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute

The Freeware Font(s) included in this pack were created by Astigmatic One
Eye Typographic Institute, (aka Professor Brian J. Bonislawsky). Since
November 5th, 1996, I have been creating fonts and offering them on the web
to the public. Since then I have strived to create a full range of fonts,
from the bizarre to the sometimes nearing traditional, from picture fonts
to utility fonts, and I will continue to do so for a long time to come.
The Astigmatic typefaces within this package are available in both Truetype
and Postscript Type 1 w/ Bitmaps. Please install only one format, not both.

Nearing the end of 2001, the Astigmatic One Eye Institute has over 130
fonts available online for viewing, download or purchase, approx. 55 of
them are Freeware. If you use my Freeware fonts don't forget to check
out what's available for purchase, after all, without your support I
will be unable to make the time to offer you more free fonts in the future.
Any font purchase will get the full version of that particular font in
both Postscript and TrueType formats and grant you access to the Illuminati
Archives, where nearing the end of 2001, over 15 Bonus typefaces await you.
Be sure to check out my full variety of fonts, always growing.

Visit A.O.E.T.I. at:
or send e-mail to:

You're welcome to pass the Freeware version of this font along for
others to review, as long as this document is also included in the
transfer. Many thanks for your consideration.

Please do not include this font on any CD-Roms without written consent
from AOE. This font is not to be resold or remarketed. This font is
free to use in any private or commercial designs, so long as this typeface
itself is not redistributed for profit. Thank you.

Astigmatic One Eye Foundry depends on your suggestions as well as your
support. Thank you for your interest in Astigmatic One Eye Fonts.

All Rights Reserved by Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute, 2001.

Prof. Brian J. Bonislawsky
Astigmatic One Eye Font Typographic Institute
412 NW 187th St
N. Miami, FL 33169