Font: Electric Pickle
Created By: Matthew Welch
Web Address:

My fonts are all free. You can use them for personal or commercial projects,
and I ask for no money. I would, however, love to hear from you. If you use
my fonts for something please e-mail me letting me know how you used it. Send
me a copy if you can or let me know where I can find your work. You are under
no obligation to do this, I just like to see how my fonts get used.

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About the font:

Behold the amazing, wondrous, glowing Electric Pickle!

This font grew out of just a couple letters doodled on a notepad during a
boring meeting. Then I couldn't decide whether to make it filled in or hollow
like I had drawn it. So I made both. The hollow letters come out normally and
if you select bold you get the filled ones.