Font: Fudd
Created By: Matthew Welch
Web Address:

My fonts are all free. You can use them for personal or commercial projects,
and I ask for no money. I would, however, love to hear from you. If you use
my fonts for something please e-mail me letting me know how you used it. Send
me a copy if you can or let me know where I can find your work. You are under
no obligation to do this, I just like to see how my fonts get used.

A license.txt file should have been included with this font, explaining the
license under which it is made available. You can also read it at:

About the font:

This isn't the first "serious" body text type font I've started, but
it is the first one that I've finished. It has an even stroke
weight, no contrast. It now has hinting, an italic version, and
several letters have been retouched.

version 1.01 Improved letter spacing
version 1.02 Added hinting, added italics, and touched up A and B
version 1.03 Touched up ,.;: and reworked italics