Thanks for choosing and putting your trust in the Amal font.

*How to use the alternatives letters :

Switch from a letter to its alernate by adding the VERTICAL BAR (|)
character (the one on the "6" key on an AZERTY keyboard,
on the "\" key on a QWERTY keyboard).
For example : typing in "n|" will give you the alternative "n".
Works for n,g,y (different design)
You can get the english "I" by typing I twice ("II") or three times ("III")

Please note that this font is for PERSONAL USE ONLY.
You can purchase the full font (with missings accented glyphs, punctuation,
numbers and alternatives), and a commercial license at :

If you need any information, please feel free to send a mail to :

Thanks, and enjoy using the Amal-demo font.