WHEATLAND-DEMO is a demo version of a handwriting interpretation font. Contains only lowercase and their alternates and connecting pairs for testing purposes so you can try if it works for you.戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 Full version is donationware and only available at http://www.rolandhuse.com for a limited time.戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 Please note: ! Works well only with softwares that support open type features / Contextual Alternates and Standard Ligatures are available and active. !戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 Please contatct me if you have any questions or feedback, also about the following:戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 - This family does not language extensions, but I am willing to create any extensions on request戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 - Discovering kerning problems while using 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 - Or any other question or feedback. 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 You MAY NOT sell this font or claim them as your own.戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 You MAY NOT edit or rename this font.戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 You MAY NOT redistribute this font.戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 Thank you & I hope you like this font,戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 Roland戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 http://www.rolandhuse.com戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 https://www.facebook.com/pages/Runes-And-Fonts/123221817784772戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯