Futurex Grunge Truetype Font for Windows

2005 Iconian Fonts - Daniel Zadorozny


Graham Meade and Apostrophe are hoping these Futurex fonts will be
the beginning of a universal type design project. Graham and
Apostrophe believe that Futurex can undergo many more spins than
the alternates and variations we have developed so far, so they
would like you to exercise your imagination to add more fonts to
the Futurex family. Graham and Apostrophe will be releasing more
Futurex variations of their own in the future, but they would like
everyone to participate in making Futurex the largest font family
ever. They would like this to be the largest type cooperative ever
made, with contributors from all over the world. This is my small
contribution to this effort. To contact the Futurex Project e-mail:

This font may be freely distributed and is free for all non-commercial uses. Use of the fonts are at your own risk. This font is e-mailware; that is, if you like it, please e-mail the author at: