The attached font 'WREXHAM SCRIPT' is Copyright [c] Roger White - all
rights reserved. In using this font it will be taken that you have read and
agreed to the following conditions:-


The font archives must contain all of the files specified:-

Postscript Type 1 package - WREXHAM_.ZIP contains:-


TrueType package - WREXHAM_.ZIP Contains:-


This font has been made available as Type 1 and Truetype for the PC.
Alteration of the character set of the font, and conversion to any
other font format is expressly forbidden.


Provided this font is used for personal purposes then no fee is payable to
the author for it's use. You may use this font yourself and may pass on
copies to your friends provided that the copy contains all of the files
from the original package. Distribution can be by electronic means or on
floppy disk.

If this font is used for commercial purposes then the user agrees to make a
one off payment to the author of 25.00.

If this font is distributed as part of a collection which has not been
compiled by the author, whether on floppy disk, CD-ROM or any other such
media, the distributor agrees to pay to the author a royalty of 0.01 for
each of the authors fonts which are included in the collection, for each
copy of the collection which is sold.

If this font is distributed on the cover of a magazine, whether on floppy
disk, cd-rom or any other medium, then the magazine agrees to pay to the
author the sum of 0.01 for each of the authors fonts included in the
collection, multiplied by the certified number of copies of the magazine


'WREXHAM SCRIPT' is a high quality font containing full hinting for correct
rendering at small point sizes and a total of 518 kerning pairs for correct
character spacing. It is supplied 'as is' and no waranty is implied or given
by the author. The font is usable for both body text and for headlines and
renders well at any size from 8 point upwards. It is based on a printed
specimen of hot metal type of 'SCRIPT' supplied by The Monotype Type Foundry.
The font contains a full range of upper and lower case letters together with
the figures 0 to 9 and a full range of punctuation. There are a limited
number of diacritics, some of which are non-standard as they have been
developed to take account of the additional characters necessary for printing
in the Welsh language. It was hand traced in order to achieve a high quality
outline and compiled using Type Designer 3.1. Kerning information was
added using the shareware program pfmedit.exe. This font represents
aproximately 250 manhours of work.

The character set of the font coincides with those specified in ISO 8859-1
with the exception of the following characters:-

Alt + 0178 I umlaut
Alt + 0179 U umlaut
Alt + 0180 W circumflex
Alt + 0181 Y circumflex
Alt + 0182 i umlaut
Alt + 0183 u umlaut
Alt + 0184 w circumflex
Alt + 0185 y circumflex

The latest version of this font is always available for download from the
file list of the fonts conference on the Cix conferencing system. The author
would appreciate notification of any problems experienced with this font
together with any suggestions for improvements.

Roger White,
1, Owens Close,
WS15 2YH,