When possible, please distribute this file along with the Xolonium fonts.


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Xolonium is created with FontForge and
Inkscape , and originated as a custom font
for the open-source game Xonotic . With
many thanks to the Xonotic community for your support.


Xolonium 3.1 2015-06-10 Severin Meyer
Added currency glyphs:
Revised glyph:

Relicensed the public release to the SIL Open Font License 1.1

Xolonium 3.0 2015-05-04 Severin Meyer
Size revisions:
Slightly narrower glyphs
Decreased descender height
Increased size and improved proportions of super/subscript glyphs
Revised width of all dash, underscore, and overscore glyphs
Design revisions:
Slightly sharper bends with more circular proportions
Decreased stroke thickness of mathematical glyphs
Revised diacritical marks:
Revised diacritical bars:
Revised hooks:
Revised glyphs:
Spacing revisions:
Raised vertical position of mathematical glyphs
Unified advance width of numeral and monetary glyphs
Unified advance width of mathematical glyphs
Revised bearings
Rewrote kern feature
Xolonium-Bold remake:
More accurately derived from Xolonium-Regular
Technical revisions:
Updated glyph names to conform to the AGLFN 1.7
Revised hints and PS Private Dictionary
Added glyphs:
Added OpenType features:
case, frac, liga, locl, pnum, sinf, subs, sups, zero
Reorganised and renamed source and documentation files
Added full license statement and vendor URL to the name table

Xolonium 2.4 2014-12-23 Severin Meyer
Added dingbats:
Revised size and design of emoticons
Revised dingbats:
Removed dingbats:

Xolonium 2.3 2014-08-14 Severin Meyer
Bugfixed ε and έ, thanks to bowzee for the feedback

Xolonium 2.2 2014-03-01 Severin Meyer
Added dingbats:
Revised dingbats:
Removed dingbats:

Xolonium 2.1 2013-10-20 Severin Meyer
Added dingbats:

Xolonium 2.0.1 2013-07-12 Severin Meyer
Reorganised and simplified files and directories
Added xolonium.png

Xolonium 2.0 2012-08-11 Severin Meyer
Revised bends
Revised thickness of uppercase diagonal stems
Revised outlines, advance width and placement of diacritical marks
Revised hints and PS Private Dictionary
Revised glyphs:
Completed glyph sets:
Adobe Latin 3
OpenType World Glyph Set 1 (W1G)
Ghostscript Standard (ghostscript-fonts-std-8.11)
Added OpenType kern feature
Added Xolonium-Bold

Xolonium 1.2 2011-02-12 Severin Meyer
Revised glyphs:
Completed glyph sets:
ISO 8859-7 (Greek)
Unicode Latin Extended-A block
Added glyphs:

Xolonium 1.1 2011-01-17 Severin Meyer
Revised placement of cedilla and ogonek in accented glyphs
Revised glyphs:
Completed glyph sets:
ISO 8859-2 (Central European)
ISO 8859-3 (South European, Esperanto)
ISO 8859-4 (North European)
ISO 8859-5 (Cyrillic)
ISO 8859-9 (Turkish)
ISO 8859-10 (Nordic)
ISO 8859-13 (Baltic Rim)
ISO 8859-14 (Celtic)
ISO 8859-16 (South-Eastern European)
Added glyphs:
ȷʼ̒ ЀЍѐѝ‒–—‘’‚‛“”„‟‹›

Xolonium 1.0 2011-01-04 Severin Meyer
Completed glyph sets:
ISO 8859-1 (Western European)
ISO 8859-15 (Western European)
Added glyphs: