Segment8 font family
Seeing "starburst" alphanumeric displays as a kid, kindled a recurring desire to make them even simpler. Hundreds of sketches and 35 years has resulted in this font family, based on eight core segments, that perhaps could work better than (ab)using numeric displays to approximate text.

There's a regular, a bold, an italic and a bold italic. Digits and latin letters are quite readable. The full Windows-1252 is supported, but many characters are identical or gibberish. To differ from S and Z, 2 and 5 are a bit odd. Where reasonable, upper and lower case are different.

Dots doesn't seem to "count" in segment displays. Many 7-segment digits has a dot or two. In Segment8 they're mapped to apostrophe and period. Both has zero width and combines with the previous character.

Eight more zero-width characters contains each of the "core" segments. Using them, any segment combination can be created. (On Windows, hold down ALT and type the code, inluding the zero, on the numeric keypad.)

code description unicode dec segment
========================================================================0134 dagger U+2020 8224 Left Vertical
0135 double dagger U+2021 8225 Right Vertical
0136 modifier circumflex U+02C6 0710 Bottom Left Diagonal
0137 per mille U+2030 8240 Top Right Diagonal
0149 bullet U+2022 8226 Top Left Diagonal
0150 en-dash U+2013 8211 Top Horizontal
0151 em-dash U+2014 8212 Bottom Horizontal
0152 small tilde U+02DC 0732 Bottom Right Diagonal

The Segment8 font family was created and assigned CC0 Public Domain by Daniel Wikholm in 2015. No rights are reserved. No attribution required. While claiming you own them would be untrue, and selling them for profit unfriendly, they're your fonts as much as anybody elses. Enjoy.