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Thanks for download a free version of 'Inprimis', a brand new sans serif type family based on "old style" typography, translated in moder era. A mix of geometric forms, antique ligature and oblsolete (or forget?) gliphs, like an 'asterism' or an 'interrobangs'.

It comes in 6 styles: 3 uprights and 3 italics.

Each weight includes extended language support, ligatures and more.

490 gliphs each variant (2940 total)
Standard + discretionary ligature
Alternative style set
Small capital
Latin extended
Lining + Oldstyle figure linear or tabular
Numerator + Denominator + Subscript + Superscript

Now, the family Inprimis are in version 1.26 and completed these variant:

55 Regular
56 Italic
65 Medium
66 Medium italic
75 Bold
76 Bold italic

Inprimis is incredibly useful on most of creative field like magazine, poster, book, composition.

The full packaging include a .OTF, .TTF and a Webfont (with demo page and CSS) version.


This is a free (for personal and non commercial use) version of 'Inprimis' family font in a first two variant.
In this package, you have only smaller version of
55 Regular
56 Italic

291 gliphs each variant (582 total)
Standard ligature
Latin extended

If you like, share or try and buy a complete version.

Good work at all - Bellini Studio