BAR HOPPERS (demo)戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 This is the demo version of the handwriting font called “Bar Hoppers”* named after a friday night in my favorite bar in Rotterdam meeting with the guys who actually do barhopping every friday. 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 Free for personal use only. For commercial use and/or full version please visit:戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 or email me:戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 contact@rolandhuse.com戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 You MAY NOT sell my fonts or claim them as your own.戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 You MAY NOT edit or rename my fonts.戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 You MAY redistribute my fonts if:戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 1. You credit me (Roland Huse).戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 2. Keep the READ ME file intact within the zip folder.戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 3. Provide a link back to my website (戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 *I have made the pictures in the bar and edited these guys in the reflection of the drinks shelf, I am on the right side behind the “Gold Strike” bottle. 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 Thank you & I hope you like this font,戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 Roland戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 Follow my work on instagram @rolandhusedesign戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 Poster artwork background image by @reginar from unsplash