Coloring underlay instructions:
This font comes with a "color underlay" supporting font, for those who wish to quickly color "inside" the font.
To use this coloring technique correctly, please ensure both fonts are installed...
and lay down your text first with the "Patchwork Stitchlings Color" font...
and then lay down another font layer above that, positioned exactly the same, using "Patchwork Stitchlings".

Both fonts can also be used independently of each other.
See the promo image for various uses.
Have fun!

This font, created by Darrell Flood, is free to use for personal use.
(Tho I still appreciate any donations you might be inclined to give regardless!)

For commercial use, please donate a minimum of $20 to me:
(Tho any amounts above this are naturally appreciated even more!)
Please give as much as you honestly feel the font is worth.

Thank-you for downloading this font and I hope you find a use for it!