Cannot Into Space Fonts WaterFire License version 1.01戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 WaterFire by Cannot Into Space Fonts is free for all usage, including Commercial and Religion usage.戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 Permission is given to modify and/or re-distribute this font, as long as this license is included in the documentation.戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 This font is supplied "AS IS", with no warranty, implied or otherwise.