RAVENSCROFT v1.2; November 8, 2001
Windows TrueType font, free for personal use
Please include this Ravenscroft.txt file with any redistribution.


INSTALLATION: To install any TrueType font, simply copy it to your Windows\Fonts folder.


UPDATE v1.2: Enhanced versions of the Haunted Mansion logos and "The" dingbat

UPDATE v1.1: Corrected wallpaper patterns, added new "@" symbol


Ravenscroft was inspired by the lettering used around Disney's Haunted Mansion attractions. The characters were drawn by Kronos (TombSweetTomb.com) and together we put them into a font filled with alternate letters, logos, and dingbats.

Visit TombSweetTomb.com and enter the Foyer where you'll find some other great Mansionesque fonts available for download.


{ = "d" reversed serif
} = "i" spiked dot
< = "H" tail
> = "M" descending spike

The remaining special characters are entered by holding down the Alt key while typing in a 4-digit numeric code with the number pad on the right side of the keyboard.

Alt+0139: "j" spiked dot
Alt+0163: "A" no tail
Alt+0164: "R" no tail
Alt+0165: "N" no tail
Alt+0166: "M" no tail
Alt+0167: "V" tail
Alt+0169: "h" no tail
Alt+0170: "k" no tail
Alt+0171: "m" no tail
Alt+0172: "n" tail
Alt+0181: "W" reversed
Alt+0182: "W" bottom serifs
Alt+0183: "W" bottom serifs, tail
Alt+0184: "W" alternate
Alt+0130: Servants Quarters sign
Alt+0131: Dead End sign
Atl+0132: Wallpaper demon (inverse)
Alt+0134: Wallpaper top
Alt+0135: Wallpaper bottom
Alt+0155: Full wallpaper pattern (sideways)
Alt+0174: "Disneyland Park" logo
Alt+0175: "Disneyland Resort" logo
Alt+0176: "Magic Kingdom" logo
Alt+0177: "Walt Disney World" logo
Alt+0178: "Tokyo Disneyland" logo
Alt+0179: "Disneyland Paris" logo
Alt+0187: "The"
Alt+0188 (1/4): "The Haunted Mansion" logo
Alt+0189 (1/2): "The Haunted Mansion" logo (inverse)
Alt+0190 (3/4): "Phantom Manor" logo

Note that some word processors (Microsoft Word, for instance) will automatically convert 1/4, 1/2, or 3/4 to the special fraction characters in the font. Thus, to type the Haunted Mansion logo, one would simply have to type 1/4.


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