Bradley Gratis
Version 0.1
Digitized by Justin Callaghan

This work is dedicated to the public domain. It may be freely reproduced, distributed, modified, or otherwise exploited by anyone for any purpose, commercial or non-commercial.

Bradley is an 1895 typeface credited to Joseph Warren Phinney (1848-1934). It was based on lettering by Henry William Bradley (1869-1962) for a Christmas cover of Harper's Bazaar magazine. Bradley was the basis for logotypes such as Firestone and Ketel One, and has been used more recently by Disney on theme park signage.

This digitization is based on a specimen from Dover's "Gothic and Old English Alphabets : 100 Complete Fonts" selected and arranged by Dan X. Solo from the Solotype Typographers Catalog.

I'm releasing this digitization to the public domain. Anyone so inclined is welcome to improve and/or add on to what I've started.

Justin Callaghan
March 2005