How Fill Fonts Work:

Fill fonts are created to fill in the hollow space within outline fonts
to prevent the background from showing through the font.
Fill fonts are usualy slightly smaller than the intended fonts outline
but may also be oversized to create a border around the intended font
to help seperate it from a background image. Another application for fill
fonts would be to add decorations to the top layer of a font.

Fill fonts can only be used within applications that allow multiple
layers within the work area so fill fonts wouldn't work in programs
such as word processors like MS Word or Wordpad.

Fill fonts may not work with all applications in Windows, some
fonts have characters that extend outside it's em-square, although
the font may have been generated to allow it to display outside
of this boundary display problems may occur within some applications.
In some applications alignment problems may occur with the fill font in
relation to the font(s) layered above or below it, some fill fonts have
characters that are located to the right or left of that fonts basepoint,
some applications don't recognize the left side bearing of a font set by
its basepoint as part of that fonts spacing and will shift the fill fonts
charcater spacing to the left side of the characters outline and cause a
misalignment to happen. The only solution around this problem is to use
a different program for your design work, Adobe Photoshop6 , Adobe Illustrator8,
Adobe ImageStyler, and Paintshop Pro 7 all work well with fill fonts.

To use fill fonts simply type the text using the first font as the base
then select the next font style and add the same text on top the base font,
then repeat the same with any decoration fills adding different colors
and textures to each font.

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