You've discovered my newest font "PerryGothic". This is the Gothic that Joe Perry wanted, so.... I think it kind of looks like it came off an imported beer bottle label!

I hope you enjoy it. I am asking for a small shareware fee for this font. Five Dollars. That's all!

Why should you want to give me five dollars?

Because it will encourage me to create and release more fonts. If you like this, you'll like more.

I'm on the verge of releasing only every fourth font created and letting people send for disks containing additional De Nada Fonts. This would entail a higher cost per font and more inconvenience, but....

I will, and have, given additional point sizes to registered users upon request without additional fee.

A special thanks to those who have paid for previous releases. The encouragement to continue was most gratifying!

Send $5 to:
Mike Allard
De Nada Industries
3 Addison Street
Gloucester, MA 01930

I can be reached on America Online, I'm Michael559

This font is İMike Allard for De Nada Industries If you wish to distribute it with any collection it must include all files including this one. You may distribute it on any board you like. Feel free. I would like to be made aware, if possible, of any distribution in any collection. Mucho Appreciato.

Any information regarding the distribution of this font or any other De Nada Industries production on other BBS's would be appreciated.

Thanks to those who've taken the time out to contact me regarding previous uploads.

I would prefer that this typeface not be translated into Truetype, except for personal use. I no longer believe in TrueType and do not want this, or any of my typefaces, released in TrueType format. Again, DO NOT RELEASE A TRUETYPE VERSION OF THIS FONT.

(For those of you who wish to hear me rant and rave about truetype, leave me a message!)

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