From one of Dana's emails to me while working on Desyrel:
Miles and miles of 5 different grades of asphalt. From Quebec City to Myrtle Beach in a Crown Victoria, and life is to either side of the highway. What's on the highway itself is life on hold. Everyone who gets on any 400 highway series or an interstate for more than one hour a day should know this. The mechanics involved in driving a vehicle use up so much of the brain that I just laugh at people who tell me that they LOVE driving.

From one of my emails to Dana while working on Desyrel:
Uh yeah sure. You can afford to say that thick brush fonts are the best thing since the hockey puck. You don't want to kern this yourself by any chance, do you?

Dana Rice lives in Quebec City and is studying something or other. She's 25 years old and thinks that she's already too old for everything. Dana will be getting married to James in November (I guess she's not too old for everything). I don't know anything about James, except that on one occasion he called me up with a very British accent to say that his fiancée ruined his plan for the evening because of this font.

Dana initially wanted to make this font for her stepmother, who says that the best part about moving is using magic markers all over the boxes. She sent a few of her drawn caps to me and I drew over them with the thickest Fontlab brush. She liked that and we went on from there. From all caps to a full font to Dana's bad spacing to a kerning nightmare. Two months of back and fourth, but here it is finally.

I spent 4 days kerning this #$%^ing thing, so I hope Dana's stepmom likes it enough to send me a postcard.

Mouton Cadet for me, please.