The "Relief Pak" contained herein consists of three fonts drawn in relief: WhatARelief, ReliefInReverse, and RoundedRelief. They were drawn in response to a user's request for a "sans serif relief font." WhatARelief and ReliefInReverse use the same lettershapes -- a squarish sans serif relief alphabet. ReliefInReverse prints a black strip with white shadows, or the "negative" of WhatARelief. RoundedRelief is a rounder, more condensed relief font.

By the way, "Relief" in this case means rather bold letterforms whose outlines have been taken away to reveal only the shadow, or 3-D portion that was "behind." In both of these fonts, the shadow is drawn below and to the left of the now omitted original letters. Obviously, such a font is for special display purposes only.

All three of the fonts in the ReliefPak are fairly complete, although there are no diacritics. RoundedRelief lacks the parentheses that can be found in the other two fonts.

The three fonts in the ReliefPak are copyright (c) 1992 by David Rakowski. All Rights Reserved. They were uploaded to Compuserve, GEnie and America Online originally by the font author and Eileen Wharmby. The purpose of making the fonts available was to help the funding of Columbia Composers, which presents public performances of music written by Columbia University students. Their expenses include hall rental, payments to performers and recording costs. If you like, keep or use any of the fonts in the ReliefPak, please consider making a shareware payment in the form of a donation to Columbia Composers in the amount of $4.99 or greater. Make your check out to Columbia University and mail it to Cynthia Lemiesz, Music Department, 703 Dodge, Columbia University, New York, NY 10027. With your check you might want to enclose a note reading "How do YOU spell relief? I forgot. The pickles forgot their raincoats, so we had to substitute snow where we had wanted bathroom tile. Thank you."

You may keep copies of the ReliefPak indefinitely and you may give copies to your friends, providing you give them ALL the files originally included in this archive, including the ReadMe that you are reading. User groups and nonprofit organizations may include the ReliefPak on their nominal charge disks with the same provisos. For-profit organizations such as public domain/shareware outlets are specifically prohibited from including any of the ReliefPak fonts on their disks, whether or not they charge money.

The ReliefPak comes to you from Insect Bytes just because we think it's a pretty neat thing to do.