Metrolox is loosely based on the titling of the Enemy of the State movie. I say "loosely" because the movie titling showed only so many letters, and the lab's final version turned out so big.

Anyhow, here's the technical rundown:

- Metrolox true type:
1 font, 568 glyphs, unicoded (ISO 10646-2), suporting the basic latin, latin-1 supplement, latin extended-A, spcing modified letters, Greek, Cyrillic, general punctuation, superscripts and subscripts, letterlike symbols, mathematical operators and alphabetic presentation forms unicode ranges.
The suported code pages are:
1252 Latin 1
1250 Latin 2: East Europe
1251 Cyrillic
1253 Greek
1254 Turkish
1257 Windows Baltic
1258 Vietnamese
Macintosh Character Set (US Roman)
869 IBM Greek
866 Ms-DOS Russian
865 Ms-DOS Nordic
863 MS-DOS Canadian French
861 MS-DOS Icelandic
860 MS-DOS Portuguese
857 MS-DOS IBM Turkish
855 IBM Cyrillic; primarily Russian
852 Latin 2
775 MS-DOS Baltic
850 WE/Latin 1
437 US

- Metrolox postscript type 1:
8 fonts, all produced in Adobe WinEncoding (with basic latin subsets) for their respective languages: Normal Latin 1 and 2, Cyrillic, Russian, Turkish, Baltic, Eastern European, Greek, and an alternates font for use with the basic latin font. The international and alternate characters in the type 1 fonts all exist in the true type Metrolox, so to fully benefit from the this package it is advisable to use the true type version under Windows.