This is what I believe to be the first ever freeware multiple master. I have no idea what sort of reaction commercial type circles will have to this, but I'm anticipating the worst. It has been communicated to me on more than a few occasions that by giving my fonts away I am devaluing my efforts, as well as those of every commercial designer out there, in the public eye. A multiple master given away for free may multiply the magnitude of such communication to me, but of course delete buttons and kill filters will always be there when things get too nasty. If you are reading this and you feel like telling me that I'm an idiot for giving away my work, please save it because it'll fall on stone, wither and die. Any other suggestions or comments are always welcome at

If you don't know how to use multiple masters, or for some reason don't fancy postscript fonts, there are nine true type weights in another archive available at the same page where you downloaded this file. Those 9 weights were built from the main "marker instances" of the multiple master. Help yourself.

This multiple master offers about 2000 possibilities of typeface control, from too condensed to too wide, and too straight to too slanted, and everything in between. If you would like to see what the original characters looked like before the axes were applied, produce the 500wd0sl instance and you'll see it (or take a look at the FizeZero true type font).

RxMM was tested intensively with two different versions of Adobe Illustrator and on two different postscript printers. No limitations on screen output, of course, but printed output may have a certain limit on the number of instances used in the same file, depending on your printer. RxMM was also tried with two different postscipt emulators on inkjet printers, and everything went fine as long as less than ten instances were used in the same document.

A lot of work went into this. Thanks are due to Yuri Yarmola for the amazing multiple master functionality he put in Fontlab 3.0, although he recently announced that this functionality will not be expanded anymore, right on the heels of Adobe announcing that they're leaving their MM technology behind. Ah well. Let's not get all bitter now.

Hopefully you won't have any problems using RxMM. If you do, please point them out to me and I'll try to help.

Have a blast.