Excerpts from
by Godfrey Irwin

Bale of Straw: a blonde woman
Balloon Juice: idle talk
Barber: to talk
Biddies: eggs
Blinky: one with poor eyesight
Bone orchard: graveyard
Cover with the moon: to sleep in the open
Cupid's itch: any venereal disease
Gams: a girl's legs
Glass Jaw: a coward
Gonger: an opium pipe
Googs: spectacles
Grease the track: to jump in font of a train
Hooch: liquor
Hot squat: the electric chair
Jazz: sexual intercourse
Kick it apart: to lay out the details
Making the riffle: succeeding
Oscar: to walk away
Picture frame: the gallows
Pie in the sky: One's reward in the hereafter
Pimp stick: a cigarette
Possum belly: to ride on top of a passenger train
Pound the ear: to sleep
Punk and gut: bread and cheese
Put the boots to: to have sexual intercourse
Red cross: morphine
Red Lead: Ketchup
Scrape the mug: to shave
Shackles: soup
Submarines: doughnuts
Tamp up: to assault or beat
Tape: the tongue
Toadskins: paper money
Tomato can stiff: one of the lowest bum
V: five dollars
Vic: convict
White cross: cocaine
Zook: a worn-out prostitute