Any way you stack it you should get some valium. Jack is too thin and Jane is too twisted, but you won't even have to decide once you get some valium. What are you waiting for? These words are being typed right now in the same fashion that magazine articles are, fillers in between the files that should interest you more, advertisements that look and smell good, products packaged by experts who are out to get you for anything. First Things First Manifesto 2000 my foot. The same people who tell you not to sell out cannot even define selling out because they sold out a long time ago. They made the cola posters, put the plug-in dew on the tomato to make you drool, reformed the shape of cars for the sole purpose of getting deeper in with you. You are commodity. They are on valium and cafeine, and you are commodity. Get with the program. Get some valium. Serotonin is the natural way we deal with reality. The plug-in dew is serotonin too. You are not natural. Get some valium. Get some valium.