FONTLOG for the Ruge Boogie font

This file provides information on the Ruge Boogie Font Software.
This information should be distributed along with the Ruge Boogie fonts
and any derivative works.

Basic Font Information

Ruge Boogie is fun, funky, bouncy and playful. Having a
party? Invite Ruge Boogie to liven things up.

Ruge Boogie is a Unicode typeface that supports languages that
use the Latin script and its variants, and could be expanded
to support other scripts.

This release supports the following Unicode ranges:


15 Dec 2011 (Rob Leuschke) Ruge Boogie v1.001
- Initial Release Date of Ruge Boogie


If you make modifications be sure to add your name (N),
email (E), web-address (if you have one) (W) and
description (D). This list is in alphabetical order.

N: Robert E. Leuschke
D: Original Designer