Font By and © Lauren Thompson (Nymphont/NymFont) 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 -----------------------------------------------戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 More fonts by Nymphont visit: 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 --------------------------------戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 Free Font Terms of Use /戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 Free Font End User License Agreement:戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 Upon downloading this font the user bound to abide 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 the Free Font Terms of Use/Free Font End User 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 License Agreement (TOU/EULA) defined below. 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 This agreement pertains to you/the user and the 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 liscencing rights aquired with this download. These 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 rights are specific to free download and usage of this 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 font, i.e. a personal use License agreement.戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 -----------------------------------------------戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 1.) This font is free for personal use* and may not戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 be used commercially.** Read entire TOU/EULA for 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 more information. Further comments, questions, and 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 suggestions should be directed to Lauren Thompson, 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 --------------------------------戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 **Commercial Use 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 Email for details戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 donations be sent to nymphont@yahoo.com戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 --------------------------------戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 2.) The distribution of this font for financial gain or 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 profit is not permitted under any circumstances and is 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 strictly prohibited. Do not add this font to a font CD or 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 compilation and or archive that is to be sold for a profit. 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 Basically, don't sell this font, and do not make things 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 that are to be sold with this font... It's free for personal 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 use only. Commercial use requires the user to obtain a 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 Commercial Font End User License. A Commercial Font戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 End User License is granted after a PayPal donation has戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 been received. Email me for戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 more details.戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 For profit scrapbooking and digital scrapbooking material (s) or 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 scrapbooking and digital scrapbooking material(s) intended to 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 be sold/resold with this font are also prohibited under this license, 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 and require a commercial License. To obtain a Commercial 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 Font End User License for this font email戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 Please note, scrapbooking and digital scrapbooking use of this 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 font is only restricted when pertaining to the making of any for 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 profit items. Otherwise creating items to be used "personally," 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 whether in a traditional scrapbook or digital scrapbook is entirely 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 permitted under this free License. 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 3.) This font file must be kept intact as downloaded. Under no 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 circumstances may this font file itself be edited, altered, or modified 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 at any time or in any measure. This prohibits and indcludes but is 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 not limited to, renaming this font file, as well as the creation of 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 so-called "new" and/or derivitave fonts from this font file or any 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 other possible digital representations.戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 4.) Redistribution of this font is permitted only if this readme is, as well 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 as the font file itself, kept intact as is, and it is offered free of charge, 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 no fee is implemented upon the aquistition of this font. If you do 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 redistribute this font, please email Lauren Thompson, 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 with details. 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 5.) Upon downloading this font, the user accepts all liability and 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 sole responsibility for the font file and any accompanying files 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 therein. Lauren Thompson (Nymphont) is not responsible or 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 liable for any damages, loss or other consequences incurred 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 as a result of downloading this font, or otherwise relating or 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 associated with the download. 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 *Personal use does not constitute "public domain." 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 **If you are interested in the commercial use of this font or using 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 this font in any manner outside the realm of "personal use," you 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 must obtain the rights to use this font commercially 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 (Commercial Font End User License) prior to doing so. To obtain 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 a Commercial Font End User License Agreement with this font, 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 contact me Lauren Thompson, 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 Thank you for accepting and abiding these terms. What can I say 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 I really love to font! If you've got it, font it! 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 Moving right along, have lots of fun with this font. Let me know 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 what you think by dropping me a line at 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 I'd love to see what you have created using my font and how 戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯 you have put it to use.戼⁲㸯 戼⁲㸯