I auto-traced some of the characters of this typeface for a book cover, it did not work so I cleaned the paths making them smooth...it worked.

Recently I decided to clean the rest. It is named after the mother of someone very special to me.

Basically it traced from the Dubbelde Auguftyn Capitalen typeface by father and son Izakk and Johan Enschedé.

They owned a press shop in Amsterdam back in the 16th century. I traced all characters as they appeared in the original print.

This is all there is, there are no lowercases, numbers nor punctuations.

Please, address complaints to Izakk and Johan Enschedéu by Ouija board.

This font is free for non-commercial use and donationware for commercial use.

Make a donation through PayPal my account there is: turoturom@yahoo.es