Chrysalis Filled v1.0
Freeware from Unauthorized Type

I originally sketched this font in class as an idea for a T-Shirt for the North LA Young Adult Chrysalis. I was trying to approximate the Haulnhouse font from House Industries. I realized that it looked nothing like it one I compared them. But since it looked interesting to me, I finished the font a year later and finally got around to digitizing it.

The original version was an outline font, but I decided that it might look good in a filled version as well. This is the result.

This version includes upper and lowercase letters, some punctuation, and some international characters. I also created the Outlined version, which you download from my site.

You use this font in any way that you see fit. If you distribute it, I would like for this text file to accompany it. (That's just so they know who made it.) You may distribute it on CD, disk, or any other medium, but you may not sell it.

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Ben McGehee
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