Kelp Ban v1.0
Freeware from Unauthorized Type

This version includes upper and lowercase letters, most punctuation, and many international characters.

At Asbury Theological Seminary, everyone is required to learn Greek and Hebrew. This past year, I took the Greek classes. The first thing that you have to do is learn the alphabet. While Greek has some letters similar in shape and sound to the English alphabet, they have many that are very dissimilar. I happen to like many of the Greek letter forms, and wanted to make them more compatible with English. I realize this idea has been done before, but mine is more of an interpretation of the Greek as oppossed to a direct taking of Greek letters to make them English characters.

Anyway. Those of you who know Greek will see the similarities, but those of you who do not will (hopefully) see just a decent font. I hope you like it.

You use this font in any way that you see fit. If you distribute it, I would like for this text file to accompany it. (That's just so they know who made it.) You may distribute it on CD, disk, or any other medium, but you may not sell it.

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Ben McGehee
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