Wesley v1.0
Freeware from Unauthorized Type

I was experimenting in class one day, because I needed to make a new font. As I drew letters, I decided to put emphasis on the upper right and lower left portions. I liked it. So I drew it all out. It was a challenge on those letters that don't really have upper right or lower left portions. But I made it work.

As for the name, I named this after John Wesley. He was the founder of the Methodist church back in the 1700's. I am Methodist, and will be a Methodist pastor after I go to seminary. Wesley is also the common name for the LA Tech Wesley Foundation, a college ministry that I attended, love, and worked for in the '98-'99 school year.

You use this font in any way that you see fit. If you distribute it, I would like for this text file to accompany it. (That's just so they know who made it.) You may distribute it on CD, disk, or any other medium, but you may not sell it.

UnAuthorized Type features the creations of:
Ben McGehee

Check back to see when I make new fonts!