GOREFONT-II is the update to my first attempt at the creation of the font, GOREFONT-1. The Kerning was completely redone, so that the letters are not spaced strangely, the letters are for the most part all the same length (give or take a little due to drippity stuff) and the space was fixed. As for the font itself, it's a really thick drippy font, though not really gory. As with all other GraveTech fonts, you don't have to pay any money, but the CannibalWare requirements ask you to please eat a fellow human being, or mail me. I hope you like it, this one goes out to everyone who sent mail, and Cards w/ Attitude. Please get in touch with me, as I live in a rather small city, and besides band practice once a week, nothing is going on. You can contact me at:

AOL: Pyogenesis
Internet: pyogenesis@aol.com (till I get a real address)
snail mail (I always wondered why that became the thing to call regular ol' post office mail, anyway...):

c/o Leon del Muerte
2432 Dolan Way
San Pablo, CA 94806

Product list:

Incantation TrueType
Incantation-Maximum TrueType (Both are spiky letter, and the latter is the scanned version)

GoreFont-1 TrueType (The predecessor to this very font!)

SolsticeOfSuffering TrueType (An inline font, whose outline is really really drippy)

Coming Soon:

Incantation Dingbats (Dingbats for Incantation)
Thornophobia (A totally new font made from metallic thorns)

All GraveTech fonts will be featured on BBS in a Box CDs, available from AMUG, the new BMUG CD, and LAMG's new CD.

Legal Stuff: All GraveTech fonts are basically free, but you must get permission from me to use these fonts on any form of distributed media.