MIDNIGHT KERNBOY from Sentinel Type, designed by James Arboghast

Hello, and thanks for downloading Midnight Kernboy -- a 21st century interpretation of City.

The slab serif, or egyptienne type style, was introduced around 1815 by Vincent Figgins; at the time it was considered the most brilliant typographic invention of the 19th century, and the style quickly established itself as a favorite for headline and poster work. George Trump's City (1930) marked the end of classicism in Egyptienne type the same year it started -- with the pure geometric forms of Memphis (1930), proving once again that classical periods in art never last long...

Or failing a post-modern ironic sense of humor, one might try to reform the monoline squared egyptienne by restructuring it and selectively knocking off serifs.

Midnight Kernboy avoids City's somewhat homogeneous letter treatment with simplified structures and cunning serif omissions. The result is an elegant semi-serif typeface with a minimalist contemporary feel leaning toward futurism.

The Midnight Kernboy package features:

* Regular, Oblique, Bold & Stencil versions
* Professionally designed commercial quality font(s)
* Full punctuation, smart quotes, currency, fractions, superiors etc
* Accented Western European characters and a few ligatures
* Fully embeddable for use with Adobe .PDF documents

Extra Characters

Glyph Cell Keystroke PC/MAC
monocular 'a' ascii tilde SHIFT+6
Euro Euro ALT+0128 OPT+SHIFT2
TM Trademark ALT+0153 OPT+h
oe OE ALT+0156 OPT+x
cent cent ALT+0162 OPT+4
sterling sterling ALT+0163 OPT+3
Euro currency ALT+0164 OPT+SHIFT+2
Yen yen ALT+0165 OPT+Y
alternate 'k' broken bar ALT+0166 SHIFT+BACKSLASH
alternate 'K' section ALT+0167 OPT+6
(c) copyright ALT+0169 OPT+g
(r) registered ALT+0174 OPT+r
ae ae ALT+0230 OPT+'+a

Midnight Kernboy is free for personal use. For use on a commercial design job you must purchase a commercial license, available from www.myfonts.com Please read the End User License Agreement included in this package for details.

Thanks for taking the time to read, and have fun with Midnight Kernboy.

James Arboghast
25.09.04 Melbourne, Australia