A TrueType Font by S. John Ross
Cumberland Games & Diversions

Barrelhouse is another font Iíve built for work Ė a Uresia mini-supplement called Caravel that Iím finishing right now. Caravel is about a small wooden sailing ship with haunted sails, with little pokes into the privacy of her crew and sidebars on everything from the looms of the sea witches of Dreed to the rules for an old Uresian marinerís drinking game. None of that make any sense? No worries; Barrelhouse carries the spirit of the thing in font form; the rest is just detail. Barrelhouse is a decorative all-caps font with a full keyboard character set.

This font is copyright 2004 by S. John Ross. "Cumberland Games & Diversions" is a trademark of S. John Ross. "Uresia" is a trademark of Guardians of Order, used by permission. This font is freeware for private, non-commercial use. Contact me at if you're interested in an inexpensive commercial license (the licensed version of this font includes a lowercase character set).

This ZIP archive may be freely distributed provided none of the contents are altered or removed.

Version 1.0