A TrueType Font by S. John Ross
Cumberland Games & Diversions

This font, "Hultog," is a simple "antiqued" font based on some classic Venetian-style typefaces (or rather, what happened to them once I munged them rather a lot in bitmap form and then scanned them back into a font). The goal was to create a simple antique font that wasn't quite as munged as most others, something that might be suitable for long stretches of text, if need be.

Hultog was around for a couple of years without an Italic version. I never needed one in the original project I designed Hultog for, and in those days I wasn't sure I knew how to go about it, anyway. Folks enjoyed the font anyway, though, and one publisher even used it as the body font for an entire book (I don't actually _recommend_ this, but it was flattering)!

As of then, I promised myself I'd get around to doing a proper italic version (seeing machine-tiled pseudoitalics throughout that book was embarassing), and this set includes that promised expansion, with both Hultog and Hultog Italic. Both sets are extensively hand-kerned, as well. This new version 6 also dramatically improves the basic metrics on Hultog Italic, to allow for use in applications that don't support kerning.

This font is copyright 2000,2002,2003 by S. John Ross.
"Hultog" is a trademark of S. John Ross.

Hultog is both freeware and license-free for any purpose, commercial or private. All I ask is that if you put it to any interesting use, you let me know so I can feel all warm and fuzzy. Email me at

Version 6.0

This ZIP archive may be freely distributed provided none of the contents are altered or removed.