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Today's Featured Free Fonts - Thursday March 05, 2015

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  • Afton James by Cumberland Fontworks  56 downloads (56 today)
    Free for Personal Use
  • Found in: Brush, Scratched
    CF White Trash by CloutierFontes  96 downloads (96 today)
  • Found in: Asian Arabic
    CF General Tao by CloutierFontes  40 downloads (40 today)
  • Found in: Sans Serif
    CF Baron Rouge by CloutierFontes  22 downloads (22 today)
  • Found in: Headline, Sans Serif
    Front Page Neue by Andrew McCluskey  64 downloads (64 today)
  • Found in: Sci Fi
    Rock Elegance by Andrew McCluskey  67 downloads (67 today)
  • Found in: Sci Fi
    Vermin Vibes Mert by Andrew McCluskey  67 downloads (67 today)
  • Found in: Various
    Stripes by Andrew McCluskey  39 downloads (39 today)
  • Found in: Calligraphy
    Qaskin by Måns Grebäck  3,694 downloads (3,694 today)
    Free for Personal Use
  • Found in: Brush
    Race Fever Brush by Måns Grebäck  858 downloads (858 today)
    Free for Personal Use
Page 1 of 1553

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Font News

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With tens of thousands of fonts in circulation, it’s tough to identify a specific font from memory, when you see it. Fortunately, you don’t have to—there are free websites, and an iOS app, that can identify font samples for you on the fly. The process is easy and a whole lot of fun. No matter which resource you use, font identification from a printed sample works the same way: you scan or take a photo of some text, upload it, and then the resource tries to guess the characters in the photo. After the characters are correctly identified, the resource tries to find the font. >>Read More...

Web fonts: what designers need to know in 2015 (Digital Arts Online)
Experience design studio Foolproof's principal designer Elaine McVicar thinks web fonts can be great from a design perspective — but also challenging. “Typography is a big part of brand recognition, and can give a site a unique style," she says. "But web fonts can be frustrating for users if content takes too long to load, and can render differently across browsers.” Usage is therefore about getting the balance right between aesthetics and performance, ensuring your choices have a defined purpose, and making decisions whether to offload the technical side of things to a third-party service or to host on your own server (or for larger sites like Digital Arts, on a CDN). >>Read More...

Say Hello to San Francisco, the Font Apple Designed For Its Watch (Gizmodo)
We've known for a while that the Apple Watch has a brand-new custom font designed by Apple, but now it has a name: San Francisco. Nestled within Apple's human interface guide for the upcoming smartwatch are the details on the new sans serif font, which Apple is giving away for free for developers to use in Apple Watch apps. Developers will be able to choose between a "Regular" San Francisco or a "Display" version, depending how big their font is. They'll also be able to use custom fonts if they really hate the squat, utilitarian typeface. >>Read More...