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Shrewdy Schriftart

Autoren Hinweis

This is the demo version which was made for you to try out the font in your projects. 
This means you can NOT use it for personal or commercial aims.



If you are looking for a handmade brush font with bold yet stylish characters, Shrewdy is the one for you! The full version of the font includes basic punctuation, numbers, roman and cyrillic typeface and special glyphs, so the font can be used with most of the European languages.

For any questions contact me: [email protected]




__MACOSX - Folder  
__MACOSX/Shrewdy Demo - Folder  
__MACOSX/Shrewdy Demo/FULL VERSION - Folder  
__MACOSX/Shrewdy Demo/._Shrewdy.ttf 210 B Font File download
__MACOSX/Shrewdy Demo/._.DS_Store 120 B unknown  
__MACOSX/Shrewdy Demo/._Shrewdy.otf 120 B Font File download
__MACOSX/Shrewdy Demo/._READ ME.pdf 323 B PDF view
Shrewdy Demo - Folder  
Shrewdy Demo/FULL VERSION - Folder  
Shrewdy Demo/FULL VERSION/Shrewdy_08.jpg 89 KB Image view
Shrewdy Demo/FULL VERSION/Shrewdy_07.jpg 756 KB Image view
Shrewdy Demo/FULL VERSION/Shrewdy_01.jpg 651 KB Image view
Shrewdy Demo/FULL VERSION/Shrewdy_02.jpg 202 KB Image view
Shrewdy Demo/FULL VERSION/.DS_Store 6 KB unknown  
Shrewdy Demo/FULL VERSION/Shrewdy_05.jpg 323 KB Image view
Shrewdy Demo/FULL VERSION/Shrewdy_09.pdf 715 KB PDF view
Shrewdy Demo/FULL VERSION/Shrewdy_03.jpg 129 KB Image view
Shrewdy Demo/FULL VERSION/Shrewdy_06.jpg 403 KB Image view
Shrewdy Demo/FULL VERSION/Shrewdy_04.jpg 420 KB Image view
Shrewdy Demo/Shrewdy.otf 25 KB Font File download
Shrewdy Demo/Shrewdy.ttf 142 KB Font File download
Shrewdy Demo/.DS_Store 6 KB unknown  
Shrewdy Demo/READ ME.pdf 145 KB PDF view

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Autoren: Katsia Jazwinska
Lizenz: Testversion
Kommerzielle Lizenz:

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