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Dosis Font

Character Map

character map

File Contents

File nameFile sizeFile typeOptions
Dosis-ExtraLight.ttf 160 KB Font File download
Dosis-Book.ttf 151 KB Font File download
OFL.txt 4 KB Text File view
__MACOSX - Folder  
__MACOSX/Dosis v1.7 - Folder  
__MACOSX/Dosis v1.7/src - Folder  
__MACOSX/Dosis v1.7/._.DS_Store 82 B unknown  
__MACOSX/Dosis v1.7/._FONTLOG.txt 167 B Text File view
FONTLOG.txt 2 KB Text File view
src - Folder  
src/TTF Source - Folder  
src/TTF Source/Dosis-ExtraBold-TTF.vfb 288 KB unknown  
src/TTF Source/Dosis-SemiBold-TTF.vfb 281 KB unknown  
src/TTF Source/Dosis-Medium-TTF.vfb 281 KB unknown  
src/TTF Source/.DS_Store 6 KB unknown  
src/TTF Source/Dosis-Light-TTF.vfb 281 KB unknown  
src/TTF Source/Dosis-ExtraLight-TTF.vfb 245 KB unknown  
src/TTF Source/Dosis-Book-TTF.vfb 345 KB unknown  
src/TTF Source/Dosis-Bold-TTF.vfb 344 KB unknown  
src/OT - Folder  
src/OT/Dosis-Light.otf 57 KB Font File download
src/OT/Dosis-ExtraLight.otf 56 KB Font File download
src/OT/Dosis-Book.otf 58 KB Font File download
src/OT/.DS_Store 6 KB unknown  
src/OT/Dosis-SemiBold.otf 57 KB Font File download
src/OT/Dosis-Medium.otf 57 KB Font File download
src/OT/Dosis-Bold.otf 58 KB Font File download
src/OT/Dosis-ExtraBold.otf 56 KB Font File download
src/OT Source - Folder  
src/OT Source/Dosis-SemiBold.vfb 269 KB unknown  
src/OT Source/.DS_Store 6 KB unknown  
src/OT Source/Dosis-Light.vfb 271 KB unknown  
src/OT Source/Dosis-Bold.vfb 269 KB unknown  
src/OT Source/Dosis-ExtraBold.vfb 240 KB unknown  
src/OT Source/Dosis-Medium.vfb 270 KB unknown  
src/OT Source/Dosis-ExtraLight.vfb 235 KB unknown  
src/OT Source/Dosis-Book.vfb 272 KB unknown  
src/.DS_Store 6 KB unknown  
Dosis-Bold.ttf 154 KB Font File download
.DS_Store 12 KB unknown  
Dosis-SemiBold.ttf 172 KB Font File download
Dosis-Medium.ttf 170 KB Font File download
Dosis-Light.ttf 165 KB Font File download
Dosis-ExtraBold.ttf 177 KB Font File download

Font Details

Designer Name: Pablo Impallari
Font License: Public domain, GPL, OFL

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