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Banknote 1948 Fuente

Nota De Los Diseñadores

ingoFonts can be downloaded gratis. Free. For test.
Here's the catch:
The ingoFonts offered here contain only a reduced font.
That means, the font only consists of uppercase and lowercase from A to Z or rather, a to z.
The complete font including numbers, umlauts, punctuations and especially the ligatures is only available with your order and your cash directly on

Mapa De Caracteres

Mapa de caracteres

Contenido Del Archivo

nombre del archivotamaño del archivotipoopciones
__MACOSX - Folder  
__MACOSX/._iF_Banknote1948_reduced 82 B unknown  
__MACOSX/iF_Banknote1948_reduced - Folder  
__MACOSX/iF_Banknote1948_reduced/._TrueType 82 B unknown  
__MACOSX/iF_Banknote1948_reduced/PostScript - Folder  
__MACOSX/iF_Banknote1948_reduced/._visit_ingofonts.webloc 754 B unknown  
__MACOSX/iF_Banknote1948_reduced/._.DS_Store 82 B unknown  
__MACOSX/iF_Banknote1948_reduced/._BANKNOTE1948.pdf 82 B PDF ver
__MACOSX/iF_Banknote1948_reduced/._Icon 30 KB unknown  
__MACOSX/iF_Banknote1948_reduced/._PostScript 82 B unknown  
__MACOSX/iF_Banknote1948_reduced/TrueType - Folder  
iF_Banknote1948_reduced - Folder  
iF_Banknote1948_reduced/PostScript - Folder  
iF_Banknote1948_reduced/PostScript/Icon 0 B unknown  
iF_Banknote1948_reduced/PostScript/.DS_Store 6 KB unknown  
iF_Banknote1948_reduced/PostScript/Banknote-1948_reduced.otf 7 KB Font File descargar
iF_Banknote1948_reduced/Icon 0 B unknown  
iF_Banknote1948_reduced/.DS_Store 6 KB unknown  
iF_Banknote1948_reduced/BANKNOTE1948.pdf 6 MB PDF ver
iF_Banknote1948_reduced/TrueType - Folder  
iF_Banknote1948_reduced/TrueType/Icon 0 B unknown  
iF_Banknote1948_reduced/TrueType/Banknote-1948_reduced.ttf 12 KB Font File descargar
iF_Banknote1948_reduced/TrueType/.DS_Store 6 KB unknown  
iF_Banknote1948_reduced/License_EULA.rtf 6 KB unknown  
iF_Banknote1948_reduced/visit_ingofonts.webloc 97 B unknown  

Detalles De Fuente

Nombre del diseñador: Ingo Zimmermann
Licencia de fuente: Demo
Sitio web:
Licencia Comercial:

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