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Gudariak Fuente

Nota De Los Diseñadores

Vicente Ballester Marco (Valencia 1887 - † 1980) was a graphic designer and Valencian posterist affiliated with the CNT who created political propaganda posters of clear modernist and post-cubist influence during the Spanish Civil War.
The Gudariak typeface is inspired mainly by one of the posters he made for the Government of Euskadi and also in others where the author continues to explore this particular typographic style.

The typography is available in 3 styles, the regular version and the cut (Txano) combinable by layers. Also a version in Color SVG with the original red and black colors of the poster. The lowercase are small caps.


This font was downloaded from 1001 Free Fonts.

Mapa De Caracteres

Mapa de caracteres

Contenido Del Archivo

nombre del archivotamaño del archivotipoopciones
1001 Free Fonts.txt 80 B Text File ver
Gudariak - SIL Open Font License (OFL) - Folder  
Gudariak - SIL Open Font License (OFL)/OFL.txt 4 KB Text File ver
Gudariak - SIL Open Font License (OFL)/Specimen-Gudariak.pdf 688 KB PDF ver
Gudariak - SIL Open Font License (OFL)/gudariak-historical-fonts-fb.jpg 183 KB Image ver
Gudariak - SIL Open Font License (OFL)/Gudariak-Regular.ttf 64 KB Font File descargar

Detalles De Fuente

Nombre del diseñador: deFharo
Licencia de fuente: Gratis para uso personal
Sitio web:
Licencia Comercial:

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