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Heartsome Fuente

  • Heartsome -
    En : Groovy
    Heartsome de Hanoded  1,666 descargars

Nota De Los Diseñadores

Heartsome is a ‘forgotten’ word. It was mostly used in Scotland and it means: ‘giving cheer, spirit or courage’. I had never heard of it, but I thought it deserved a second chance, so I named this font Heartsome!

Heartsome is a handmade Didone; I used a brand new bottle of Chinese ink and a brand new synthetic pencil to paint the glyphs. Brand new, because all of my drawing materials seem to have evaporated when we moved into our new house… A synthetic brush, because I don’t want animals to suffer because I feel the need to create fonts.

Mapa De Caracteres

Mapa de caracteres

Contenido Del Archivo

nombre del archivotamaño del archivotipoopciones
Hanoded Fonts License & FAQ - READ ME!.pdf 62 KB PDF ver
Heartsome DEMO.otf 39 KB Font File descargar
Heartsome Poster 1.png 30 KB Image ver

Detalles De Fuente

Nombre del diseñador: Hanoded
Licencia de fuente: Demo
Sitio web:
Licencia Comercial:

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