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Winflo Fuente

Nota De Los Diseñadores

This is the demo version of the font which was made for you to try out it in your projects. This means you can NOT use it for personal or commercial aims.
Introducing my new sans-serif font Winflo, which simulates everyday handwriting better than any font you’ve seen before. Winflo will make your texts more personal and unique and will be a great addition to different script fonts. Full version of Winflo comes with Uppercase, Lowercase and Standard Punctuation.
Contact me if you have any questions: [email protected]

Mapa De Caracteres

Mapa de caracteres

Contenido Del Archivo

nombre del archivotamaño del archivotipoopciones
Winflo Demo - Folder  
Winflo Demo/Winflo Demo.ttf 44 KB Font File descargar
Winflo Demo/Preview - Folder  
Winflo Demo/Preview/Winflo-03.jpg 1 MB Image ver
Winflo Demo/Preview/Winflo-09.jpg 44 KB Image ver
Winflo Demo/Preview/Winflo-05.jpg 495 KB Image ver
Winflo Demo/Preview/Winflo-07.jpg 63 KB Image ver
Winflo Demo/Preview/Winflo-02.jpg 171 KB Image ver
Winflo Demo/Preview/Winflo-04.jpg 709 KB Image ver
Winflo Demo/Preview/Winflo-01.jpg 130 KB Image ver
Winflo Demo/Preview/Winflo-08.jpg 547 KB Image ver
Winflo Demo/Preview/Winflo-06.jpg 660 KB Image ver
Winflo Demo/READ ME.pdf 1 MB PDF ver

Detalles De Fuente

Nombre del diseñador: Mr. Typeman
Licencia de fuente: Demo
Sitio web:
Licencia Comercial:

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