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Bottle Party Police

Note Des Concepteurs

A bottle party is a party where you are supposed to bring whatever you wish you drink. When using my Bottle Party font, you need not bring anything at all! The font does all the partying itself - all you need to do is type, and the contextual alternates makes sure that your text doesn’t repeat the same letters over and over again! How is that? As I said, it happens automatically as you type, because the font cycles through the 4 different versions of each lower-case letter!

The font is handmade with a brush feeling to it, legible at even very small sizes and it’s quite full of international characters!

Table Des Caractères

table des caractères

Contenu Du Fichier

nom de fichiertaille du fichiertypeoptions
pizzadudedotdk.txt 732 B Text File view
bottle party DEMO.otf 86 KB Font File Télécharger

Détails De La Police

Nom du concepteur: Pizzadude
Licence de polices: Gratuit pour un usage personnel
Website: https://www.pizzadude.dk
Licence commerciale: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/pizzadude/bottle-party/

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