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Gravity Police

Note Des Concepteurs

Gravity is a typographic experiment, born from the desire to deepen my knowledge about this discipline.
Gravity is also a new geometric sans serif typeface designed with balance and large counters.
The typeface uses the "gravity" as a distinctive, functional and aesthetic feature of the font. It is going
to be used as official font by "Accademia di Belle Arti Palermo".
Today, Gravity is a family composed by 4 weights: Book, Bold, Light and UltraLight and their italic versions.

Gravity is also my first typeface. Hope you enjoy!
Take a minute to appreciate it, if you like. Thank you very much!

Table Des Caractères

table des caractères

Contenu Du Fichier

nom de fichiertaille du fichiertypeoptions
Gravity-Bold.otf 28 KB Font File Télécharger
Gravity-UltraLight.otf 26 KB Font File Télécharger
Gravity_License.pdf 42 KB PDF view
Gravity-Book.otf 27 KB Font File Télécharger
Gravity-Light.otf 27 KB Font File Télécharger
Gravity-BookItalic.otf 27 KB Font File Télécharger
Gravity-Regular.otf 27 KB Font File Télécharger
Gravity-LightItalic.otf 28 KB Font File Télécharger
Gravity-UltraLightItalic.otf 27 KB Font File Télécharger
Gravity-Italic.otf 28 KB Font File Télécharger
Gravity-BoldItalic.otf 28 KB Font File Télécharger

Détails De La Police

Nom du concepteur: Vincenzo Vuono
Licence de polices: Domaine public, GPL, OFL
Website: https://www.behance.net/gallery/gravity-new-free-font-experiment/3407691

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