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Heptal Bold 1 Police

  • Heptal Bold 1 -
    Dans : Serif
    Heptal Bold 1 par deFharo  5,092 Téléchargers

Note Des Concepteurs

Heptal is a typeface family with five weights including italics true. The geometry of the characters is neo-gothic and the serifs are polygonal concave or inverted Tuscan.

These fonts have a wide table of characters with support for all the languages derived from Latin. Heptal fonts offer a complete set of lowercase alternatives and advanced open type functions. The proportions, the metrics and the Kerning are meticulously configured so that the texts are shown fluid and the graphic stain is compensated.
FULL VERSIONS & COMMERCIAL LICENSES: https://defharo.com/fonts/heptal-serif-inverted/

Table Des Caractères

table des caractères

Contenu Du Fichier

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Heptal demo Fonts FFP - Folder  
Heptal demo Fonts FFP/heptal-fonts-lou-reed.png 181 KB Image view
Heptal demo Fonts FFP/Heptal-Bold.ttf 61 KB Font File Télécharger
Heptal demo Fonts FFP/heptal-numbers-currencies.png 34 KB Image view
Heptal demo Fonts FFP/Heptal-Bold-Italic.ttf 57 KB Font File Télécharger
Heptal demo Fonts FFP/Specimen-Heptal-Fonts.pdf 425 KB PDF view
Heptal demo Fonts FFP/deFharo-FREE_FOR_PERSONAL_USE_ONLY-BOLD.pdf 41 KB PDF view

Détails De La Police

Nom du concepteur: deFharo
Licence de polices: Gratuit pour un usage personnel
Website: https://defharo.com
Licence commerciale: https://defharo.com/fonts/heptal-serif-inverted/

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