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Kindersley Sans Police

  • Kindersley Sans -
    Dans : Sans Serif
    Kindersley Sans par K-Type  5,997 Téléchargers

Note Des Concepteurs

Many street nameplates in Britain use versions of Kindersley serif capitals designed by David Kindersley in the 1950s. K-Type Kindersley Sans is an unfussy alternative to the signage stalwart, perfectly suited to newer environments and more contemporary tastes.

Kindersley Sans is a humanist sans-serif that conserves the Gill-inspired character and some of the calligraphic qualities of Kindersley’s lettering, it retains the Roman proportions and its Britishness, but traditional prettiness and intricacy are discarded in favour of a clean modernity. For purposes where Transport (MOT) is considered too formal and Kindersley too old-fashioned, Kindersley Sans offers an open and amiable up-to-date alternative.

The typeface is comfortably spaced and carefully kerned to deliver beautiful results with ease, and although designed with nameplates in mind, it excels as an all-purpose text face in print and on screen.

The tail of the uppercase Q has minimal descent to avoid constriction.

Kindersley Sans includes a lowercase designed for signage with short descenders to prevent unsightly congestion. A generous x-height assists legibility, and characters are designed for easy reading and distinctiveness. The curved foot of the lowercase L distinguishes it from the uppercase i.

The six fonts contain a full complement of Latin Extended-A characters, Welsh diacritics and Irish dotted consonants, so European language nameplates need not be a source of frustration. The ascent and descent of accented characters has been kept to an acceptable minimum.

The licensed family includes all six fonts – regular, italic, bold, bold italic, medium and medium italic – and the regular weight can be downloaded Free for Personal Use.

Downloaded from https://www.1001freefonts.com/

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Détails De La Police

Nom du concepteur: K-Type
Licence de polices: Gratuit pour un usage personnel
Website: http://www.k-type.com
Licence commerciale: https://www.k-type.com/fonts/kindersley-sans/

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